20 July 2010

Math and Science Week 2010

This week is Math and Science week at the Hood House. If the kids want a three week Christmas break (which they do) and want to finish in mid-May to match the public schools here (which they do), then we have to start school in July. Some subjects are more intense than others, so we started with math and science. (Last week was Shakespeare Week, not because we needed to read Shakespeare for school, but just to get the kids used to school again, and to stop anyone from being bored.)

This year I am teaching both AP Statistics and AP Calculus. The good news is that my first AP Statistics student got her scores back last week, and she got a 4. That gives me some confidence as I sail into a new year.

Most parents are happy when school is back in session. It's entirely different when the parent is a teacher. Fortunately for me, my children go to a correspondence school, so the only classes that I have to teach are math. I'm having enough trouble keeping up with lesson plans for AP Calculus. I can't imagine having to take on anything more for the girls.

To celebrate Math and Science Week, we went to Office Depot today to spend some of my coupons. I got some office supplies, but we also bought pens, pencils, erasers, paper, and notebooks for the girls. I have learned, though, to put the office supplies on a different bank card than the school supplies. I'm learning to manage all my tasks much more efficiently.


02 July 2010

First Web Course completed!

The first of many (knock on wood) web courses is completely finished and on the web. I wanted it done by June 15, but had to settle for July 2 instead. Beta testing started on June 28 (because I had the first 2/3 completed), and so far, the comments have been really positive. I made a list earlier of what I needed to complete to get course #2 and course #3 on the web, and it's completely do-able. After that, I'm going to slow down a bit with the courses. I think that with an X-13 course on the web, most everyone who is interested in courses could find something they like in a nice price range.

Now it's time to relax and start to enjoy a long holiday weekend.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!