03 March 2006

Seasonal Adjustment Disorder

My friend Kathy sent me a message about "Seasonal Adjustment Disorder." She was searching for seasonal adjustment web sites, and came across a blog from South Africa in the process.

I found another mention of it in another blog at
"In the United States, the diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder was first suggested by one Norman E. Rosenthal, MD. His work was based on personal observations of his own seasonal adjustment when moving from South Africa to New York. "

I am well aware of the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I noticed a difference in my usual post-Christmas blues being so much farther north this year than I was used to, and now that it is March, I notice the increase in sunshine. I had just not heard it called Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, unless it was one of my friends kidding around with me. Since the blogger is from South Africa, and this Dr. Rosenthal seems to have done his own "seasonal adjustment", maybe calling it Seasonal Adjustment Disorder is a South African thing.

I did a GoogleFight between the two phrases. "Seasonal Affective Disorder" is mentioned 1,430,000 times on the web, and "Seasonal Adjustment Disorder" is mentioned only 1,390 times.

However, I think I have it. I really do. I have six reports to write, and I'm having trouble getting the data I need into a form that X-12 and TRAMO/SEATS can read. I think the best way to describe the situation right now is "Seasonal Adjustment Disorder."