08 July 2006

Walking Again!

I went to see my doctor yesterday, almost exactly 4 months after my accident. I've been walking without a boot or a brace now for a couple of weeks, and I was hopeful for the prognosis.
My visit went just like I had hoped it would! My doctor said I don't need another doctor visit or any more physical therapy. The x-rays looked great, she was impressed with my flexibility and strength in my ankle, and she told me once again that the doctor in Luxembourg did a really good job fixing a really tough break.

She said that I should wear my ankle brace when walking on uneven ground (gravel or grass) for another 6 months, and no high heels for 6 months to a year. She suggested that I wear the ankle brace for the rest of my life if I'm doing something that could cause an ankle injury, like sports, rock climbing, etc. I suppose that also covers walking on ice, but I forgot to ask about that part. Hopefully that's not such a big issue in Tennessee.

The problem with being able to walk again is that I've been busy unpacking boxes, and I haven't had as much time as I would like for writing. Do I discipline myself to do some writing every day, or do I just bite the bullet, unpack the boxes, and then focus on writing? My claustrophobia sitting here among the boxes suggests the latter plan.