26 March 2010

Business research

I'm always working to keep up with what's going on with seasonal adjustment, but I've been seeing that I need to learn more about running a consulting business. I bought some books at the used bookstore in Knoxville last week. Though I realize that a couple of the books are out of date (one of the books doesn't mention the internet at all as a way to attract new clients), they have me thinking about this consulting business in new ways. (And they were cheap.) It's pretty exciting.

Even before I bought the books, I knew I needed to spend more time with an accountant. I spend so much time at this time of the year working on taxes, and I always promise to do better in the next year, but then I get busy on projects for clients and my own research, and all my receipts just pile up in the file cabinet. But at least I have receipts!

Along similar lines, I have this feeling that I should be more serious about finding an attorney here in Tennessee. I love getting legal help from my friend who specializes in intellectual property law, but he's not in the state. I guess it's cool to have more than one attorney, and probably a better idea than not having one accountant.

And along the lines of research, while I watch basketball this weekend, I'm going to learn Bill Cleveland's latest weekly seasonal adjustment program. If I have some time, I hope to get some work done on my current TRAMO/SEATS project, too. And who knows? Maybe I'll have some time to work on the web courses, too.


04 March 2010

New pages are up!

I posted the updated pages today---new design and updated content.

I also posted the demonstration course, 16 slides from the introductory course. I wanted to put up a bit of a trailer/teaser for the courses, and I also wanted to make sure that people could navigate the courses properly before the spent money for a full course.

The full introductory course has about 320 slides. My web site designer made it very easy for me to load the slides and the audio into the course pages, but recording the audio for 320 slides will take some time. I feel like on some of the 16 audio files I already recorded, I sound like I have a cold, and I don't. I think that my mouth gets dry from all the talking. With more audio files to record, I will need to find a better way to stay hydrated.

If you'd like to test out the format for the web courses, please do. The link is here at

Any questions or comments you have are also appreciated.